Tuskegee Airmen

of Arkansas

Written by Edmond Davis


Our Vision


 On JAn. 28, 2017 ATK, InC. Hosted Its

1st Annual appreciation night Of Prolific Leaders 

Honoring National Evangelist Beverly Broadus Green  

Locally, nationally and globally, Aviate Through Knowledge Productions, LLC. is a vocal advocate dedicated to empowering underserved communities through educational and social best practices of the 21st century.

Our vision is to meet the social and educational needs of underserved youth and minorities throughout our local community and beyond.


Aviate Through Knowledge Productions, LLC. has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for   under-represented minority groups across the globe. Our latest program, RESPOND-I-BILITY addresses the need for social etiquette skills when encountering law enforcement officers.




our services 

Aviate Through Knowledge Productions, LLC.

  • Public Speaking Events
  • Social Community Programs
  • Historical Consultation
  • Professional Development and Workshops

Reach Out

Work with members in your community and make a difference today...

A Local meeting for a new Proposed public charter high school to located in the Southwest Little Rock Community 

Our Mission

  About the Annual Appreciation Night of Prolific Leaders


The 'Annual Appreciation Night of Prolific Leaders' was created by ATK Founder, Edmond Davis. The purpose of this event is to esteem and honor selected individual(s) who have committed to stellar philanthropic work in people throughout communities and across the United States. On this special night, ATK will dedicate a moment in time to appreciate and celebrate the investments in human capital, that one 'Prolific Leader' has contributed towards society.